Symbian Tips and Tricks

Use Special Characters

Hold down the 1* key on your keyboard to get special characters like accents

Assign Social Media Profile Picture to Your Contacts

Firstly, you will need to login to Facebook or Twitter using the Social Networks application. Then go to the contact you want to assign the photo to. Click the Social Networks button (beneath the green avatar). This will take you to your Social Networks application. From there you can assign your content to their Facebook or Twitter profile. When you have found the contact, press More and select Use this picture in Contact card

Enable Video Stabilisation

For improved video recording, make sure you enable video stabilisation in the video record. Go to the Camera application and change it to Video mode. Then press Options – Settings – Video stabilisation and change it to On

Display Call Duration During and After Call

If you like to see how long your calls are taking, you can turn this feature on. Go to Menu – Settings – Calling – Call. Then enable Show call duration

If you want to see the duration after the call, go to Menu – Settings – Call. Then enable Summary after call

Connect A Mouse, Keyboard, Projector, TV to Your Phone

Your phone comes with a USB to micro USB cable. You can use this to plug a mouse or keyboard into the cable and the cable into your phone. Use them to navigate around the phone more easily. You can also use the Video / Audio cable to connect your phone to a TV or Projector to effectively turn your phone into a portable computer. Great for business presentations!

Change Your Screen Saver

There are a number of different types of screen savers. To view and activate them, go to your menu, then Settings – Themes – Screen saver
Change USB Modes

If you want to switch between USB modes without unplugging your cable, simply press on the battery icon in the top notification bar and change it from there

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