Symbian Games

Download free Symbian Games (.sis) for your mobile and enjoy the thrilling fun.

Game: Another World Download Now!
Watch out your enemy and finish them, otherwise they will finish you.

Game: Nokia Card Deck Download Now!
This is set of 6 card games including, Acesup, Golf, Klondike, Nestor, Shifting and Trusty Twelve.

Game: Rally_X Download Now!
Car racing game.

Game: Frozen Bubble Download Now!
A nice bubble game with multiple level, easy to install, have fun.

Game: Cricket Download Now!
Play cricket on you mobile phone and stoke 4s, 6s

Game: Snails Download Now!
Build for the kill, kill the snails

Game: Space Impact Download Now!
Fire the flying objects from you ship

Game: Tennis Maniac Download Now!
Now you can play tennis on your handset, enjoy the free tennis

Game: Nokia Triplepop Download Now!
Match three colours in one line

Game: Xedious Download Now!
Fire your enamy and concur the game

Game: Pinball Escape Download Now!
Cute pinball game

Game: GoBoy Download Now!
A nice tool to run legacy game on your SmartPhone. Using this tool you can run .jar file on Symbian OS.

Game: Mau Mau Download Now!
Mau Mau is a card game frequently played in Germany. It’s usually for two players, though you can have as many as five or six. it uses two 52 card deck withall four suits. its also non as ONU.

Game: Bounce Download Now!
Nokia bounce game with many levels

Game: vNes Game Download Now!
Nice game for your handset

Download these games to your desktop, and unzip it using winzip, transfer the .sis file to your mobile via Bluetooth or infrared and follow the installation instruction on mobile.

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