iPhone Tips and Tricks 2021

iOS 14.7 is Apple’s latest software system. Its World’s Most Favorite Device: iPhone. iOS means “iPhone operating system”, and therefore the 14th version, the newest iOS, will launch on September 16, 2020.

The most obvious changes during this iOS update are often found on the home screen (more on that later), but there are some new features also. a number of these additions include Apple’s new translation app, the facility to vary default apps, and (finally) support for widgets. He has also undergone many amazing adjustments and changes, including some that the majority of Apple fans might not even bear in mind. Read on for more information

1.    Home Screen

By now, we all know and love Apple’s approach to showcasing apps. But to inform the reality, even we’ve to admit that the grid layout has become quite outdated. Uniform, uninspired rows and rows of icons are the norm since the first iteration of iOS in 2007. iOS 4 introduced slight customization with folders, but that was 10 versions ago!

If you opt to use all the new features in iOS 14, your home screen is going to be unrecognizable.

2.    App Library

You should find App library is on the far-right home screen panel. it’s a whole list of the applications on your device automatically grouped into folders. there’s also an inquiry bar to search out apps quickly. This comprehensive list of apps implies that you do not need all the apps on your “main” home screens with the widgets, so you will have only a subset of apps scattered among your widgets. All of this adds to the much-needed home screen experience for iOS, which some Android has been offering for years.

3.    Translation for Everybody

IOS 14 brings Apple’s new translation app, and although it can’t translate interlinear communication it’s worth a glance. Also, Babel fish has the advantage that it works without putting real fish in your head.

IOS 14 translation feature

Apple Translator can process and translate 11 different languages in almost real-time. So, what sets it except for other interpreting services? Well, once Siri has recognized the 2 languages that are spoken, you’ll translate between them on the fly, without the necessity for further information. and also, the best part? It can even work offline, as long as you have got already downloaded the language of your choice!

4.    Picture in Picture (pip)

Pip mode allows you to look at a video while you’re doing other things on your phone. Pip is enabled by default and now works with Apple’s home apps, like Safari, Face-Time, iTunes, and more.

If you’ve got a video playing and it’s either swiped up or hit the house button (on older devices), Pip Mode is going to be activated.

Image in iOS 14 image function

The YouTube app doesn’t support Pip, but you’ll be able to still watch YouTube videos with Pip employing a clean hack. Although YouTube doesn’t technically support Pip, Safari does, so simply watch your favorite video on YouTube using Safari, watch in full-screen mode, and tap on the highest of the screen. Tap the button.

5.    Design your home screens

If you’re like us, you have tens or even hundreds of apps that are used in varying amounts. Finding them all can be a hassle to find what you need. Fortunately, Apple has you covered.

Along with the app draw, another great feature of iOS 14 is that you can now hide entire pages from your home screen! Just press along and hold it up, you can open home screens that you don’t use to hide it from view. This cleaner look is from Apple’s stripped-back aesthetic. This seems like a big step forward, especially for a company that has traditionally gone too far with customization.

Apps aren’t the only part of iOS 14 that has undergone minimal changes. Incoming phone calls, face time calls, and Siri all have a lot of compact form elements in the latest iOS update. This means you can use your phone to browse the web, check emails, and even watch videos while making a call.

iOS 14 compact phone call design

If you drag your home screen to really useful apps, the only question is what to do with the digital real estate you’ve left behind? Don’t worry, Apple Always has your back there too.

6.    Widgets

Over the years, Apple users who missed the widget have been able to do more than envy Android fans. Fortunately, this state of widget jealousy is no longer necessary! IOS 14 has finally added widget support.

Simply put, a widget is an application that runs on the home screen, so you can access its functionality without opening it. At the moment, most of the widgets that you can get in iOS 14 are the original files of your Apple applications, such as files, maps, music, etc. However, some third-party apps have widget functionality and you can expect to see many more additions in the future. Developers catch up as the weeks and months go by.

With iOS 14 you can move your widgets as you see fit (including resizing). If you prefer the hands-off approach, Apple’s case has an incredibly smart and easy feature: Smart Stack.

Smart widget stack

Smart Stack is a new feature that uses smart learning algorithms to optimize your widget experience. With Smart Stack, you can save multiple widgets in the same screen space. iOS 14 uses a set of data points to deliver the correct widget from the right side of its stack-based on location, time of day, and activity.

7.    Application clips

Through impressive technological wizardry, iOS 14 allows you to use certain specific application features without downloading the entire application. iOS 14 App Clips

With App Clips, you can accomplish tasks like renting an electric bike, buying something at a cafe, or reserving a spot at your favorite restaurant in seconds. Just scan a QR code, NFC tag, or use a proprietary app clip code and you’re done! With App Clips, you can access the functionality of many applications in an instant.

8.    An update on the messages

Included in the iOS 14 version of Messages is a great feature that you might not even realize you wanted. For the first time, Apple users can have the ability to pin conversations to stay at the top of the app. If you’re used to losing track of conversations deep in your busy inbox, pinning a message is as simple as swiping right on any chat.

IOS-14 Message Pin function

In addition to pinning, Messages now has an online reply and mentions feature, much like what you can find on WhatsApp and other messaging services. These two features combined should make it a bit easier for you to keep up with active group conversations.

10.    Health app updates

In a move that will delight not only fitness junkies, but anyone who cares about their health, Apple’s health app now comes with a sleep tracker! In addition to this, the new health checklist offers a compiled location for all your health and safety tools, such as fall detection, emergency SOS, and even new apps, such as one that gives you information on how audio levels can affect your hearing health.

10. YouTube in 4K

Apple has finally added support for Google’s VP9 codec, which means you can now enjoy your favorite YouTube videos in stunning 4K. Choose 2160p from the quality menu right away.

11. Sleep mode

Some things are even more annoying when waking up with a notification on your phone that could wait until morning. If you have a predictable sleep schedule, just enter your bedtime details in the health app. During this time, it will automatically switch to Do Disturb Ho mode

12. Winddown

Completing the sleep mode and sleep schedule, Winddown activates the sleep mode at a specific time before going to bed. Winddown not only reduces disruption but also includes apps and lock screen shortcuts that can help you relax.

13. Car paly

iOS 14 offers a wide range of car play car improvements, all with one update.Car Play is iOS 14

Apple has released a small update for CarPlay, but it’s yet to be revealed. This is a collection of new backgrounds. Instead of the traditional stunning black or white background, Apple has five different creative options for consumers to choose from.

iOS 14 CarPlay has added a new kind of application. These are new types of apps, including EV charging, parking, and food ordering apps, as well as apps added by developers.

14. Siri

In iOS14, Apple Siri gets a whole new feel.

The latest digital assistant design features a large, bright symbol so it doesn’t take up the entire screen. It will appear within a warning window at the top of the program. Apple claims that the new app would allow users to use Siri while multitasking, such as taking calls or watching videos.Will Siri allow all of its users to send voice messages.

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