Nice Messages

Never Blame any Day
Never Blame any Day In Your Life. Good Days Give You Happiness. Bad Days Give You Experience. Both Are Essential In Life. All Are God’s Blessings..

Nice person 2
Don’t u ever wonder y people txt u but hv nothing imp to say! It’s 4 the simple reason… u r such a nice person 2 think of, like the way I’m thinking of u now

When u were born
When u were born, u were crying and everyone round u was smiling.. Live ur life so that when u die, u’re the one who is smiling and everyone round u is crying.

Flowers die
Flowers die,
Stories End,
Songs Fade,
Memories are forgotten,
All things come to End,
But, “Precious People” Like “You”
Are always remembered.

When God opened
When God opened the window of the Heaven He asked me: What is your wish for today? “I said : please take special care of the person reading this!!!!!”

When one door of happiness
When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

Some thing special
I want to send to some thing special to make you smile but post man said I must get out of the post box

There is no meaning
There is no meaning of DAY without SUN, There is no meaning of NIGHT without MOON, There is no meaning of SEA without WATER, There is no meaning of ME without U.

Love is blind
love is blind but love is not blind just our hearts r blind in love just 4u marry

I have a new Kodak camera
I have a new Kodak camera ur snap please… don’t move steady smile 🙂 ready click ohh ho those who live in ones heart cant have a snap!!!

always knew that
I always knew that looking back on my tears would someday make me laugh, but i never knew that looking back on my laughter would someday make me cry. miss you

Somewhere, some dreams
Somewhere, some dreams of your smile & finds your presence in life so worthwhile. So when your lonely, remember its true that some1, somewhere, is thinking of u.

Nice people r like wind
Nice people r like wind, u nvr know vot dey hv in deir heart but u can alwayz feel deir persence. dont luk here n dere 2find dem, luk in the mirror…

don’t close ur heart
don’t close ur door wn u feel alon, don’t close ur heart wen u wan 2 luv, an don’t ever close ur hands wen u need me coz I vil b holding u til d end.

Girl Friend
What is a Girl Friend? Ans: Addition of Problem, Subtraction of Money, Multiplication of Enemy, Division of Friends…. So be careful

Sending you 1000 smiles
sending you 1000 smiles take one 4 now and keep remaining 999 under ur pillow, pick out 1 every time bcz i want to see you smiling always.

Legends never talk
Gr8 people talk about things. small people talk about other people .and legends never talk they send sms


life a house your heart
Make your life a house your heart can live in. With a door that is open to receive friends. And a garden full of memories…. of many good things.

DrEaM of uR
On this cold cold nite,in My small small rOOm,i Look At The Brite Brite StArS iN tHe DaRk DaRk sKy & DrEaM of uR sWeet sWeet SmiLe on ur CuTe CuTe FaCe! GdNiTe!

Keep in touch
Just a line…2 keep in touch…coz u r on my mind so very much…& even though, I’ve nothing 2 say…U’ll know…I thought of u 2day

Ten roses
Hold ten roses in ur hand and stand before a mirror………….u will see eleven roses

Help, the police put me in prison
Help, the police put me in prison for looking so damn beautiful!.. they said i need an ugly bastard to get me out… hurry up

You are so sweet
You are so sweet you make da sun jealous, you are so hot you make the sun feel cold but best of all you are so cute you make da teletubbies look evil

little angel flying
I have a little angel flying around with a hammer, each person she hits get a little bit of my love…I hope she beats the hell out of you…!

When the night comes
When the night comes, look at the sky. If u see a falling star, don’t wonder why, just make a wish. Trust me it will come true, coz I did it & I found U

roll down onto ur
If i were a tear in ur eye i wood roll down onto ur lips.But if u were a tear in my eye i wood never cry as i wood be afraid 2 lose u!

Destiny decides who you meet
Destiny decides who you meet in your life…….but only your heart decides who gets to stay in your life. Treasure the one you wish to stay with and live life without regrets.

getting wat u love is success
getting wat u love is success, loving what u get is compromise, loving wheather you get it or not is true love, and loving even after being sure u won’t get is pure love

Someone somewhere dreams of your smile
Someone somewhere dreams of your smile…and while thinking of you says life is worthwhile. So whenever you’re lonely…remember its true….someone somewhere is thinking of you

Life is a book
Life is a book we all read it. Luv is a blessing we all need it. Always be happy, always have a smile coz. Remember in this world we are just for a while!

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