22 Coolest Applications for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music


MusixmatchMusixmatch is said to be as the world’s largest lyrics catalog. It was featured among the ‘The Best apps 2014 and 2015’ selection of Google Play Store. You can scan your music library and live stream playlist to retrieve lyrics via Musixmatch.

Additionally, now you can use this app with your premium Spotify account as well. You will have all the ready-made playlist from your Spotify account at your fingertips. With just a tap, you can easily find or identify a song or its lyrics from radio, TV, or any other audio source.



ChromerChromer is a new and refreshing application that helps to manage your smart phone. Chromer lets you use chrome custom tabs on your phone without any requirement of app developer to manually implement it.

You must be wondering, what you are going to get from this app? With Chromer, you are using a light weight version of chrome which will be faster as it is strictly designed to load webpages quickly.

Chrome Custom Tabs give apps more control over their web experience, and make transitions between native and web content more seamless without having to resort to a WebView.

Chrome Custom Tabs also allow the developer to pre-start Chrome and pre-fetch content for faster loading.

Camera ZOOM FX


Camera ZOOM FXCamera ZOOM FX is an award-winning camera app for Android. It is the fastest camera, on Android which lets you capture up to 10 shots per second. It has multiple shooting modes, you can capture selfies with customizable timer, and can create amazing collages. You can also add your ‘buddy’, any celebrity, friend or family, in your photo. You can easily adjust the size and position of your buddy.
Camera ZOOM FX comes with a powerful set of post-production tools that let you crop, rotate, add borders or create a retro look with just one click. It has more amazing features like, Voice activated shutter, instantly share over any social networking account, full optical zoom feature and much more!
28. Galaxy Button Lights

Galaxy Button LightsGalaxy Button Lights is a simple app that enables you to control and customize backlight on your Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

This app allows you to set a custom timeout for the backlight of the captive buttons, always on when you need it, or always off, and you can always reset it to the default duration as well.

CamScanner -Phone PDF CreatorCamScanner

CamScanner -Phone PDF CreatorCamScanner is a mobile document scanning and sharing application that transform your smart phone into a digital scanner. Camscanner uses your phone camera to click an image and it handles the rest. Camscanner helps you digitize any document, image or text you see in the real world, for example, receipt, notes, bills etc. It automatically crops your scanned images as well. You can also scan multi-page document and can also create PDF files for scan.
CamScanner lets you edit, access, manage, share and sync documents anytime and anywhere you need. It also enables you to quickly search in seconds by adding notes and tags to any document for easy search.
AZ Camera – Manual Pro CamAZ-Camera-Manual-Pro-Cam

AZ Camera – Manual Pro CamAZ Camera is a free professional camera app for android. With this camera app, you get full manual control over your device’s camera with a simple User interface. It adds some amazing new edition tools to your inbuilt camera. You get to control focus, whiteness, zoom, shutter speed, ISO, and much more.

AZ camera with its simple UI lets you manually control your smartphone’s camera like a DSLR. It has much more to it and I would suggest that you give it a try.


SnapseedSnapseed is another photo editing tool. It enables us to control and enhance the performance of your camera with amazing photo editing tools which were available for only desktop.

You can apply filters, adjust brightness, balance white exposure and much more.

 Motion Photo SharerMotion-Photo-Sharer

Motion Photo SharerMotion Photo sharer enables you to save, extract and share the video portion of the motion photo or live photo captured from your Samsung Galaxy s7 and S7 Edge.

You can share that extracted video via Email, YouTube, Whatsapp or any other application or media that can accept video files.

This app has been exclusively built for Samsung latest sensations, Galaxy S7.


‘Pushbullet connects your devices, making them feel like one.’

PushBulletWe all wonder at some stage that it would be very convenient if all our devices can be connected together so as to make our work done more smoothly and much faster. PushBullet app enables you to connect your devices like your Smartphone, PC, laptop, or tablet, to properly handle your work.

Like you can reply to your SMS on your Smartphone through your laptop while you are working. You can also see all your phone’s notifications on your other devices as well.


Signal Private MessengerAre you security conscious? Then this could be THE App for you. You can send and receive private messages securely from an Android phone through Signal Private Messenger. It promises end-to-end encryption through open source protocol, which encrypts everything, including text messages, shared photos, voice calls and group conversations.

Signal is not one of the best messaging app out there but due to its security features, it can worth a shot!


Flud – Torrent DownloaderFlud is a simple and elegant torrent application. By far, it is one of the best torrent application for Android. The latest version has some amazing inclusions as well like the faster download/upload of files, no speed limits.

It supports some brilliant features, like, selective file downloading, file prioritization, sequential downloading support. Its free version is fully functional and the premium version is available with no-ads.


Twitch Android AppTwitch is basically a game streaming site, if you are a gamer, then you must probably heard about it. Twitch enables you to watch any live or recorded stream about each and every game available. Twitch provides a powerful video streaming platform for gamers’ community. It lets you view what other people are playing, you can also subscribe to your favorite channels and receive notifications when they are live.

You also get full featured chat with chat-only mode even when the channel is offline.


UncloudedUnclouded is a free cloud storage management that allows users to quickly view details of their multiple cloud storage account. Users can view the complete details about space occupied in each account, and also information about space used by each file/photo/video, stored on your cloud storage accounts.

The free version supports maximum two cloud storage accounts at a time, but with premium version, you can have unlimited account support.


RetroArchRetroArch allows you to run classic video games by emulating obsolete game consoles and handheld on modern devices.

RetroArch is presented as an all-in-one app that bundles together numerous free and open source emulator software in a single package.

Mr. NumberMr.-Number

Mr. NumberMr. Number is the top amongst all the call blocker Android applications out there and works perfectly with almost every Android Smartphone out there and will be best suited for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Mr. Number not only block phone calls, but also text messages as well.

Text messages and phone calls originating from anywhere around the globe can be blocked and you can also report such fake calls and text messages to send a warning message to other users of this application as well.

Truecaller – Caller ID & BlockTruecaller-Caller-ID-Block

Truecaller – Caller ID & Block (1)Truecaller A very useful application, it lets you know the identity of the person who is calling you even if you’ve not their numbers in your phone directory, it makes very easy to know who is calling you can and you can pick that or drop that call as per your convenience. Also, you can easily put spam or unwanted callers to block list and avoid them. To be more socialized, you could also follow them on twitter directly from this application.

TaskerAre you an innovative person? Do you like to try new and creative apps on your smart phone? If yes, then you will surely like this app. Tasker is a mobile automation android application which lets you automate your mobile instead of doing those tasks manually. It provides you enormous scope to train you phone to do itself without your own effort.

It is capable of waking you up with any random song from your collection, it can also pause your music player while you are using a certain application and can restart once you exit and lot more.

You can try it for free for a 7-Day trial period and if you like it, you can buy it at a mere price of $3.41 from Google Playstore.

Light FlowLight-Flow

Light Flow android app for Galaxy s7Light Flow is an application that gives you the ability to control notification light on your device. It’s an app you call an ‘Android Only’ application.

It basically lets you control notification LED, sound, or vibration on your device and facilitates customization in the most granular form. It enables you to transform your device into your desired customized device.

You can get this app at a price of $2.49.


Tab – The simple bill splitterTab is a useful, innovative and unique application available for android. I am sure you must be interested to know what it actually does? It is a Bill Splitter application, Yup! You have read it correctly. Have you also felt that awkward moment when you have, you split the bill when you are out with your friends and you are unable you split that bill accurately, as you don’t want to do injustice with any of your friend, at that time, Tab is could be there for the rescue.

It lets you take a picture of your bill, and separates various items between you and your friends and do the Math. However, it’s currently available only in U.S


Hooks – AlertsDo you like to stay up-to-date on everything you like and interested in? Then you can try Hooks. Hooks enables you to get each and every tiny or major update for everything you are interested in. You can set to receive notifications regarding TV, movies, sports, Entertainment, events, weather, news, finance, Social Media, Games and there will be still more to it.

You can either opt to receive built-in notifications or can also create custom alerts to Hooks. And it is a free application.


Fing – Network ToolsFing is a very useful android application. It enables you to find out each and every device, have access to your WIFI. It will present you with a list of all devices and its MAC address so you can locate which device is actually eating up your bandwidth.

You can also measure your network’s performance. Through its WakeOn LAN feature, you can remotely wake devices in your network.


Fare Estimate UberZailoo is your very own ‘Rideshare Companion’. It basically compares fares and driver time from the various ride providers like Uber, Lydt, Taxi etc. once you put your pickup and drop location.

It enables you to save your few dollars and will surely come in handy anytime.

BlueLight FilterBlueLight-Filter

BlueLight FilterDo you like to listen to music, playing games, or simply like to stay active on the social front before napping? I hope you know that bluelight from your smart phone disrupts your sleep and you can suffer a sleep-less night because of these habits. However, you don’t have to worry about that now as you have a BlueLight Filter.

This app simply adjusts the colors of your smartphone to reduce BlueLight so that your eyes can relax, and it minimizes side-effects of BlueLight.

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