Skiller Classic

Skiller ClassicYou can play this unique package of exciting and challenging games with your buddies or without assistance. Play and win as much point as possible to have a possibility to brag of your the most outstanding achievement!

Package Includes:

– Popular board game for two players called Backgammon
– Multiplayer release of Battleships
– Pingi where you need to lead small penguins to the other side
– Famous logical puzzle game called Sudoku
– Very addictive Dropps
– Simple but challanging Tic Tac Toe
– 4 in a Row
– Multilayer version of Reversi
– Old but very popular Checkers the skiller’s version
– Breaking the bricks Popcorn
– Blocks where you need to create rows of the falling blocks
– Xonix where you must develop the most successful method of closing the territories

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